Robin Light Mysteries

Robin Light Mystery, No Good DeedRobin Light, the chain smoking, junk food loving, reckless main character of a ten-book detective series, owns a pet store in Syracuse’s run down West Side.

The shop, which is teetering on the brink of insolvency, sells reptiles, birds, small mammals, and fish. Ever since her husband’s death, things have been on a downward slide, but they quickly get even worse.

Robin Light Mystery, Salt City BluesIn the series debut, Chutes and Adders, Robin becomes the chief suspect in a homicide investigation when a poisonous saw-back viper arriving in an unmarked package kills her partner. Fortunately for her, Robin manages to solve this case as well as a string of others.

The series, set in Syracuse’s West Side, deals with a host of subjects including teenager runaways, lost animals, gangs, and political corruption.

The books are available on Amazon and will be in e-book format soon.